About Us

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who love solving business problems using technology and happen to have stumbled upon the world of DAIRY. We know that software development can be a painful task, especially if you are a business owner, and know nothing about coding. And, in case you are a dairy startup or a farm fresh milk brand trying to manage complete operations on excel. We know your pain too. After all, we have been there and have done that! That is why we developed - Milkman : A platform for dairies or milk brands to help you get rid of that painful task of using excel to do just about everything. With Milkman, everything just happens without you having to lift a finger. (Figuratively!)

Our Team

Samarth Setia FOUNDER, C.E.O

Samarth is an Electrical Electronics Engineer from R.V College of Engineering, batch of 2015. He worked as a Trainee Decision Scientist in Mu-Sigma for a short period, post which he decided to leave his job to solve a major issue in the dairy industry-Logistics. Mr.Milkman has evolved ever since and now offers various technology products to solve many problems of the Dairy Industry.

Jaskaran Singh TECH LEAD

Jaskaran Singh is Professional Software Engineer with an experience of total 3.5+ Years in Information Technology & Software Development. With a primary responsibility to create an exceptional user experience across Milkman’s entire software portfolio, Jaskaran’s role focuses on shaping the current Application by identifying newer technologies and solutions to offer better UX to the customers of Mr. Milkman.


Anand has over 10 years of experience in various industries ranging from Operations, Supply chain, marketing and sales. A quick learner, he leart technology in multiple fields like server management and coding. He currently handles the technical operations at Mr.Milkman.


Gurjeet, a coder himself, has worked with various projects in the SaaS industry. Currently wearing multiple hats at Mr.Milkman, Gurjeet, handles, clients and their onboarding on the platform. He actively troubleshoots client issues and system related bugs.

Rajesh Gautam C.T.O

Rajesh, NIT alumni, ran Software Businesses in the USA for 18+ years after which he returned to India with the dream of starting his own Organic Dairy. His experience in Dairy and IT combined has allowed Milkman to plan its products keeping the future of dairy in mind..

Let us tell you how it Started!

Our company and our culture are our life's work.

It all started with a simple conversation with a dairy owner.
Us to the Dairy Owner: Managing hundreds of customers on excel? Really? That too their subscriptions? How do you manage that every day!
Dairy Partner: Well, that’s what we have got. Who is going to spend thousands of dollars on software development! After all, technology is not our core product nor competency.. Plus, there isn’t anything out there that solves our problem.
That last sentence from one of the dairy owners we were talking to, led to the birth of the milkman platform. We not only provide the dairies a way to manage their customer subscriptions and deliveries, we help them manage their entire business – Right from the farm to their customers’ glass through our platform.

People passionate about helping clients move milk and other dairy products from farm to plate


Why we are right for this

Our Core Competency: Technology
Our Extensive Experience: Running Dairy Logistics, end to end for over 2 years. We know what you as a dairy need.
What we did: We delivered milk to over 2000 subscribers daily for nearly 2 years.
12 months of which we worked without technology and operated purely on excel and then implemented technology to the problem areas for the next 12 months while testing their results live through our milk delivery operations.
We did the deliveries ourselves for over 3 months, worked on excel to manage 1000 subscribers without a staff and understood what dairies need to the very core.

Our company and our culture are our life's work.

People who believed in us

MR. ANIL ARYA Investor and Advisor

Mr.Anil Arya is a seasoned businessman and a finance wizard. He has what it takes to grow a business from level 0 to a world class international brand. He had co-founded AllOut! And now is working on his next big project!

MR. BIMAL ARYA Investor and Advisor

Mr.Bimal Arya, brother of Mr.Anil Arya is the master of creativity and operations. He co-founded AllOut with Mr.Anil Arya and was the man behind its monumental success through branding.

MR. AMIT DHANUKA Investor and Advisor

Mr.Amit is the C.E.O of Kejriwal Bee Care Pvt. Ltd. Under his leadership Kejriwal Honey has grown as the premier Honey exporter to Europe and America. He has a vast experience in operations of the Agriculture and Dairy industry and has been one of the guiding factors in our product development as well.

MR. SANJAY SETIA Investor and Advisor

Mr.Sanjay is the C.E.O of SHPL. His experience of over 30+ years in the line of distribution, automation and business administration has been the key to our constant growth and sustenance. He has been an advisor with us since the inception of the company and is also the first investor in the company.

We love automation…

We like to think of technology as an enabler. We believe that everything can be made to work without you having to lift a finger. It’s something we are striving to achieve through integration of the right technology and analytics with the dairy operations. Sorry we can’t make the cows milk themselves, but hey! we can definitely work something around in the future!

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  • Email : anand@milkmanindia.com

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